Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

In today’s world, without technology, we can’t imagine our earth. In every work or thing technology is everywhere. Our day starts and ends with technology. That’s why we can call technology our daily routine. We rely on technology completely. As we all are growing and advancing in our lives technology also advances faster.

Technology indeed has both negative and positive effects on our lives and environment. But people might see more benefits because it can easily seen in terms of profit and benefits. The disadvantage of technology can’t be seen easily because it takes time to happen sometime. In this article, we will learn both the negative and positive effects of technology. 

Let’s talk about the advantages of technology first:

Life Saver:

This is the beneficial advantage of technology. With the development of technology, there are many new inventions in the field of medical science that save patients from many diseases. With the help of technology, in many countries cancer treatment is possible. Technology helps to make medicines in advance so that when there is a bulk requirement for medicine then these medicines can be used.

Easy Transportation:

The invention of the automobile helps people to go from one place to another place easily. Whether it is train or aeroplane, or car and bike everything is present in the process of transportation. This technology ensures your safety, ease, and efficiency. Taking goods from one place to another by saving time and money is very easy due to technology. Moreover, not only simple cars but electric cars are also invented in the field of technology.

Easy for Communication:

This is the best invention of technology. This is very beneficial for long-distance relationships. We can send anything easily online. Communication is easy and fast you can reach the person in a few seconds by calling or texting who is sitting miles away from you. With advanced technology, not only call but you can see a person’s face as well with the help of video calls.

Effortless Learning:

Technology helps a lot who want to learn. Whether you are a student or an employee, or you are preparing for government exams there are many platforms that technology provides such as many YouTubers helping you to study with their YouTube channels. You can learn anything in your comfort zone. There is a large number of study materials provided by technology.

Now Let’s talk about the disadvantages of technology:

Increasing Crime:

Even though technology has many benefits, the things that are beneficial also have many disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that crime is increasing a lot due to technology. Now terrorists are promoting terrorism with the help of social media and creating fear among the people. Criminals find their victims with the help of technology and kill them. 

Data Security:

Our all data is available online with the help of digital technology, whether it is personal information or any business details. This is a very difficult job to maintain that much information online. It can take some minutes to break off into your private information by hackers. Data security is in danger because of advanced technology. Cybercrime is increasing day by day. AI is also misused nowadays.

Environment Destruction:

Technology harms the environment in many ways. Air pollution is also caused by technology when automobiles release various types of emissions they mix with air and make air polluted. Moreover, many machines contain toxic substances which also destroy the environment. Not only the environment, but technology also affects health.


Technology creates unemployment because it takes the place of the human. With the advent of technology, much of the work that was previously done by humans has been taken over by machines. Companies think that machines cost less than humans one month’s salary. That causes the reduction of labor. There are not many companies that do this but for those who do that, there are many difficulties for humans to earn.

Moreover, the mystery to solve is what has technology the most, advantages or disadvantages.


Above mentioned advantages and disadvantages of technology may help you understand that technology is very necessary in our daily lives but also overuse of technology can harm us a lot. Because it has both negative and positive impacts on our lives.So we will say that use technology carefully whether it is your mobile or car. Because we are the ones who will bear the disadvantages and advantages of technology at last.

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