China’s anti-corruption efforts in the medical field still have a long way to go.


——Unveiling the Astonishing Inside Story of Wang Xingpeng that Escaped Criminal, Monopolizes Shanghai’s Billion-dollar Medical Infrastructure Project.”

In 2023 year, the most shocking of Chinese mainland’s anti-corruption incident is happened in medical & health field.

However, as we all know, it takes time for ice to freeze three feet thick, and it takes persistent effort for a drop of water to wear away stone, in medical & health field, the anti-corruption campaign has achieved tremendous success, meanwhile we inevitably discover the local tyrant in medical & health field remains at large.

WangXingpeng, the director of the Development Center at Shanghai Shenkang Hospital is the local tyrant in Shanghai medical & health field. How did the escaped criminal make everyone jaw-dropping?

WangXing peng, male, who is born in March,1965 year. And he is the chief physicians, and current position is the director of the Development Center at Shanghai Shenkang Hospital.

From 2018 year to now, while WangXing peng took up the director of the Development Center at Shanghai Shenkang Hospital, he took advantage of his position for his a large of cronies to assign to jobs, and then long term monopolize numerous major medical& health infrastructure projects in Shanghai. Thus, it makes medical & health infrastructure projects of municipal government improves for people’s living to become his means of accumulating wealth.

The ruthlessness of the means and the baseness of the conduct were outrageous.

WangXing peng took up the director of Shanghai First People’s Hospital in 2012 year, his underling Gu Xiang dong also promoted to be the responsible of infrastructure department in Shanghai First People’s Hospital, he was specifically in charge of 700 million costs about extension projects of hospital, as well as over 1 billion costs of equipment procurement.

In 2018year, WangXing peng transferred and become the general leader of Shenkang Hospital center, at the same year, he let GuXiangdong transfer to be a vice-director of Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and in charge of infrastructure, and then responsible for nearly 2 billion of Jiading sub-hospital project.

In 2021 year, WangXing peng made Gu Xiang dong transfer and promote to be the principal of Shenkang health construction center, and then in charge of big production of medical& health infrastructure in the whole Shanghai.

Taking nearly 3 years of Shanghai new medical infrastructure projects as an example, it has already open to work ten projects including Shanghai five new cities’ hospitals construction projects, their total area is ten thousand square meters, involves capitals including equipment purchase fees is nearly 20 billion RMB.   

According to insiders said, Wang Xing peng prepared force to let GuXiangdong transfer East China Hospital to be vice president in charge of infrastructure, especially responsible for government spending 1 billion costs of scientific research building projects.

In 2012year, while WangXing peng was the director of Shanghai First People hospital, his underling WuJin hua was promoted to be a vice director of Shanghai First People hospital in charge of medical & health infrastructure, as well as sub manage the second phase’s extension projects about South College of Shanghai First People hospital, among government invested near 2 billion costs.

In 2022 year, WangXing peng let WuJin hua transfer and promote to be the general leader of Shanghai Chest Hospital, in June, 2023 year, the Tangzhen sub-hospital was stared to work, government spending 2.5 billion RMB.    

In 2019year, Wang Xing peng let his underling YangXin chao transfer and promote to be the general leader of Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital, and in 2020year, the hospital’s Tumor and science & education comprehensive building projects was started to work, government spending nearly 1 billion RMB.

In 2020year, WangXing peng let his underling Zhong Liwei transfer and promote to be the director of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and at the same time, the sub-hospital of Jiading was stated to work, government investing over 2 billion RMB.

In 2023year, WangXingpeng let his underling ShenBing transfer and promote to be the director of Shanghai 10th People’s Hospital from the principal of Shenkang hospital development center medical department, especially for responsible and prepare the planning of 1.2billion costs of hospital new building.  

From the published information on website of Shanghai ShenKang hospital development center, we know in the government of the tenth Five-year Plan to Fourteenth Five Year Plan, this center totally organizes and implements 135 items of medical & health infrastructure projects, new adding total area about 7.97 million square meters, new adding municipal hospitals sub-colleges are 30, and total government spending over Hundreds of billions RMB.  

Thus, as we all know, above examples are just of little part of WangXing peng monopolizes Shanghai hospitals infrastructure project’s profits chain, as well as unveiling WangXing peng’s tip of the iceberg of many corruptions in Shanghai medical & health industry.      

However, WangXing peng is extremely cunning, he reasonable use of rules, system loopholes, and supervision blind spots to avoid risks, besides, he use of power, interest chain, and the so-called market economy operation and other means, white washing the facts about violations of regulations, and discipline, covering up the corruptions and crimes.

This shows it is still a long way to go in anti-corruption for medical & health in Chinese mainland! But we believe Shanghai, the first-tier city in the world, the center of global economy, finance, trade and shipping, Shanghai municipal government has determination and ability to enter the anti-corruption zone’s deep end to eliminate medical & health black sheep, eliminate corrupt officials and cut off the chain of corrupt interests, those escape criminals will be brought to trial.

“Greed is one of the deadliest diseases of mankind,

It destroys a person’s soul.”

—–Mahatma Gandhi

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